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GentL Air

The GentL Air is a portable and affordable solution for blowing fibre into micro ducts using a battery operated drill and compressed air, with the addition of a user adjustable, precision torque limiting clutch to protect the cable. Based on the design of the Whisper, the GentL Air uses many of the same accessories.

Main Features

  • Installs fibre diameters of 1-3mm
  • Accommodates duct sizes of 4-7mm
  • Uses most variable speed brushless 3/8″ drills as a power source
  • Precision, user adjustable clutch for cable protection
  • Lightweight, durable construction with precision machined parts
  • Single person operation
  • Digital cable speed and length monitoring
  • Low maintenance
  • Ideal for smaller jobs
  • Travel bag included


Fibre Diameter1 - 3mm
Tube Size4 - 7mm
Cable Speed
Max Air Pressure15 bar (220 psi)
Power RequirementVariable Speed Brushless Drill

Product No: G-GMP-89916

GentL Air Fibre Blowing Machine

Optional Accessories

           Tripod Mount


Drill Stand