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GentL Air Configuration


In order to customize your new GentL Air to your application, we ask that you pick one of each from the lists below, the Tube Collet Assembly and the Cable Seal Collet Assembly.

When ordering, please have Tube and Cable dimensions available.

Tube Collet and Clamp Assemblies

Part NoDescription
G-GMP-89918Tube collet assy 04mm
G-GMP-89919Tube collet assy 05mm
G-GMP-89926Tube collet assy 07mm

Cable Seal Collet Assemblies

Part NoDescription
G-GMP-89929Cable collet assy 1.0-2.0mm
G-GMP-89898Cable collet assy 2.0-2.5mm
G-GMP-89899Cable collet assy 2.5-3.0mm