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Hurricane Configuration for Cable Blowing

In order to customise your Hurricane to your application, please select one of each from the list below, (A) Duct Clamp and Seal Kits, (B) Cable Guides and (C) Cable Seals.

When ordering, please have Tube and Cable dimensions available.

A. Duct Clamp and Seal kit

Product NoDescription
C-1750-TBC-5Tube Collet Assy 5mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-7Tube Collet Assy 7mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-8Tube Collet Assy 8mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-10Tube Collet Assy 10mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-12Tube Collet Assy 12mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-14Tube Collet Assy 14mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-16Tube Collet Assy 16mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-18Tube Collet Assy 18mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-20Tube Collet Assy 20mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-22Tube Collet Assy 22mm o/d
C-1750-TBC-25Tube Collet Assy 25mm o/d

B. Cable Guides

Product NoDescription
C-1750-CG-2.5-4Cable Guide 2.5-4mm
C-1750-CG-4-6Cable Guide 4-6mm
C-1750-CG-6-9Cable Guide 6-9mm
C-1750-CG-9-12Cable Guide 9-12mm
C-1750-CG-12-14Cable Guide 12-14mm
C-1750-CG-14-16Cable Guide 14-16mm

C. Cable Seals

Product NoDescription
C-1750-CS-2.5-3Cable Seals 2.5-3mm
C-1750-CS-3-4Cable Seals 3-4mm
C-1750-CS-4-5Cable Seals 4-5mm
C-1750-CS-5-6Cable Seals 5-6mm
C-1750-CS-6-7.5Cable Seals 6-7.5mm
C-1750-CS-7.5-9Cable Seals 7.5-9mm
C-1750-CS-9-10.5Cable Seals 9-10.5mm
C-1750-CS-10.5-12Cable Seals 10.5-12mm
C-1750-CS-12-14Cable Seals 12-14mm
C-1750-CS-14-16Cable Seals 14-16mm

D. Duct Seals

Product NoDescription
C-1750-TS-5Tube Seals 5mm
C-1750-TS-7Tube Seals 7mm
C-1750-TS-8Tube Seals 8mm
C-1750-TS-10Tube Seals 10mm
C-1750-TS-12Tube Seals 12mm
C-1750-TS-14Tube Seals 14mm
C-1750-TS-16Tube Seals 16mm
C-1750-TS-18Tube Seals 18mm
C-1750-TS-20Tube Seals 20mm
C-1750-TS-22Tube Seals 22mm
C-1750-TS-25Tube Seals 25mm

E. Drive Belts

Product NoDescription
C-1750-DB-2.5-9Drive Belt 2.5-9mm cable diameter
C-1750-DB-3-11Drive Belt 3-11mm cable diameter
C-1750-DB-5-14Drive Belt 5-16mm cable diameter