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 Hydraulic Press IR P 100

The hydraulic Press of 100 tons is the best press on the market in terms of lightness. Made of high tensile alloy steel it is hot forged and suitable for compression of joints on conductor and steel ropes for electric lines (medium and high voltage). Excellent weight/power ratio (3.1 ton/kg), easy to operate on suspension working platforms and steel towers. Maximum hexagonal key of 57 mm. It is fitted with a control valve, pressure gauge and quick release couplings.


Max pressing force: 100 tons (recommended working pressure 700 bar)
Press Weight: 32 kg
Weight/Power ratio: 3.1 Ton/kg
Die Weight: 1.5 kg
Max. hexagon: 57 mm
Max. stroke: 26 mm
Case Dimensions: 47 x 34 x 40 cm

Hydraulic Press IR P 100

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
G-IRP-P1001F-F100 Ton Hyd Press
G-IRP-P100STAC-FDie for Steel compression
G-IRP-P100STAL-FDie for Al compression
G-IRP-CSA001F-FHyd Power Pack – Petrol
G-IRP-CSA002F-FHyd Power Pack - Electric