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Open Hand Operated Compression Tool – G06

The G06 open hand-operated compression tools have a C-Shaped 360° swivel compression head. For the infinitely variable length adjustment of the new type of telescopic handles, these are loosened and tightened respectively by turning.

Ordering Info

K-303-527-527-F Compression Tool Primat 02D
K-303-871-002-F Compression Tool Primat 06T
K-303-871-003-F Compression Tool Primat G06-T
K-303-871-004-F Compression Tool Primat G06-300T
Accelair 2


Hexagonal Dies max Code No. Width
TypeNominal Compressive
Force kN
Total Length mmCross Sections Copper mm² Aluminium mm²CuAlmmWeight kg
Primat 02D254006-3516-501216251.4
Primat 06-T60540-7506-18516-1502525323.2
Primat G06-T60550-7606-18516-1502525383.3
Primat G06-300T60560-7706-185 16-3002534504.0