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Telecom Cable Installation Equipment

CBS Tornado Plus Cable Blowing Machine

The cable blowing machine, comprising an air box and cable pusher, has been designed to provide an effective and safe method of fibre optic cable installation. The system installs fibre optic cable of 6mm (0.25”) to 32mm (1.25”) overall diameter, at speeds up to 90m/min (300ft / min), into pre-installed ducts.
Product Code: Tornado

AirStream Cable Blowing Machine

The new C-1700 AirStream cable blowing machine has been designed to maximise protection for micro cables with a compliant double drive concept, backed by the latest technology in servo controls to provide precise control of torque and speed.
Product Code: C-1700

CBS BREEZE Cable Blowing Machine

The “BREEZE” Cable Blowing Machine has been designed to meet the growing need for the installation of micro cables. Small and portable with ergonomic controls, it is ideally suited for external or internal use.
Product Code: C-1300

Accelair 2 Cable Blowing Machine

The C-1800 Fibre Blowing Machine (Accelair 2) has been developed to provide a simple to use and reliable fibre blowing solution. It is designed to fit a fibre range from 1 to 3mm diameter, thereby providing the complete range of blown fibre installation solutions from one machine.
Product Code: C-1800