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Sierra Cable Lasher

Uses our full-size, industry-standard lashing wire coils available in diameters of
.97mm x 487 m (.038 in. x 1600 ft.) or 1.14mm x 365 m (.045 in. x 1200 ft.)

Single lashes cables and wires from drop wire size up to 46mm (1.8 in.) maximum outside diameter.

Lashes on strand sizes down as small as 5mm or (.18 in.) all the way up to 12mm (.5 in.)

This lasher drum makes one revolution for every 33 cm (13 in.) of travel leaving the wire helically wound around the strand/cable(s) bundle creating one support per revolution.

Made from high-quality materials and precision machined just like its bigger brothers, the SIERRA lasher is ideal for lashing smaller wires and cables where a bigger machine is simply too much.

The SIERRA lasher can be pulled equally as easy from below or from directly ahead.


Bundle Range:up to 46mm
Lashing wire size:.97mm x 487m
1.14mm x 365m
Strand size:5mm to 12mm
Height: 25cm
Weight (Without Wire):8.6kg

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