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Site Cable Drum Trailers – 3,000 – 48,000Kgs Capacity

The CBS range of site Cable Drum Trailers are built to the same robust construction as our road-going Trailers, but with braking and lighting systems not approved to EEC standards.These Trailers are often used on UK sites where lighting and braking systems are required, and also in countries outside of the EEC, particularly in the Middle East.

In addition to our range of site and road-going Trailers, CBS also offers bespoke systems, built around your specifications.

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Site Trailers
Site Trailers

18,000 Kg Capacity Cable Drum Trailer

Specifications and Ordering:

Part No.Payload (Kgs)Gross Weight (Kgs)Min Drum Dia (mm)Max Drum Dia (mm)Max Drum Width (mm)Overall Width (mm)Braking
C-752-SITE-F 300037501060250012802300Overrun Non Auto Reverse
C-131-F300085501360286014702550Overrun Non Auto Reverse
C-140-F700086002000320017302550Overrun Non Auto Reverse
C-210-F 80001030023003500200032002 Line Air
C-250-F 100001240023003500200032002 Line Air
C-310-F120001550024004540240036002 Line Air
C-360-F150001850024004540240036002 Line Air
C-480-F180002200025004600240036002 Line Air
C-500-F200002400025004600240036002 Line Air
C-550-F300003500027004800240037502 Line Air
C-900-F400004800029005000280043002 Line Air
C-980-F480005700029005000280043002 Line Air