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Sprint Conduit Rod

The CBS Sprint Rod is a handy device for smaller conduit applications, using 3mm polypropylene-coated fibreglass rod in lengths ranging from 20m –50m. A range of accessories such as flexible ends, fixed ends and pulling eyes are available, which can be stored in the central compartment of the plastic cassette. The product is lightweight, with a carrying handle and is ideal for short rodding applications.  
Product NoDescription
B-100-240-FCassette without rod
B-100-020-01Fibre Glass Rod 20m
B-100-030-01Fibre Glass Rod 30m
B-100-040-01Fibre Glass Rod 40m
B-100-050-01Fibre Glass Rod 50m
Product NoDescription
B-100-1134-FFlexible End 11mm dia (3 pack)
B-100-1135-FFlexible End 14mm dia (3 pack)
B-100-1015-FJointing Ferrule 300 (3 pack)
B-100-1016-FFixed End M5 3mm (3 pack)
B-100-1017-FPulling Eye 3mm (3 pack)