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UB20 Industrial/Confined Space Blower- Exhauster

Ramfan combines high performance turbofan design with high strength polymers to create a line of rugged, protable turbo blowers. The line is ideal for general use, confined space, hazardous ventilation and delivers the highest airflow in their class. The double-wall, polyethylene case is lightweight, corrosion and chemical resistant and handles the bumps and falls of any jobsite.

  • Powerful, compact size and lightweight. High pressure axial blower with 9 blade impeller.
  • Corrosion proof, dent resistant and virtually indestructible.
  • Double-walled UV resistant polyethylene house.
  • Ultra quiet operation.
  • Thermal switch provides overheat protection.
  • AC-4.6m cord c/w power switch, IP65 rain tested switch enclosure.
  • DC-4.6m cord c/w battery clips.


Fan Diameter: 200mm Dimensions: 355x305x330mm Weight: 8Kg Noise: 74dB  

Part NumberD- ED9002- F**D- ED8002- FD- ED6002- F
Free Air862cfm/hr819cfm/hr819cfm/hr
4.6m 1 - 90º turn695cfm/hr659cfm/hr659cfm/hr
4.6m 2 - 90º turns586cfm/hr558cfm/hr558cfm/hr
Power12v DC,11.5A240v AC, 1.2A110v AC,1.2A
**Note: Also requires D-BPV-12-F Battery pack to operate
UB20 Industrial/Confined Space Blower- Exhauster

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-ED9002-F12v DC Blower – 1/3hp c/w battery clips
D-ED8002-F240v AC Blower – 1/4hp 50Hz
D-ED6002-F110v AC Blower – 1/4hp 50Hz

Quick-Couple Reversible Canister

Detachable in seconds, the Quick-Couple canister with attached duct conveniently reverses from discharge to suction, making use and storage easier while protecting duct from rips and tears. 4.6m canister: 35.6h x 30.5w x 80d cm 7.6m canister: 35.6h x 305w x 105d cm

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-ED6015-F110v, 50Hz Blower c/w Quick-Couple canister and 4.6m duct
D-ED6025-F110v, 50Hz Blower c/w Quick-Couple canister and 7.6m duct
D-ED8015-F220v, 50Hz Blower c/w Quick-Couple canister and 4.6m duct
D-ED8025-F 220v, 50Hz Blower c/w Quick-Couple canister and 7.6m duct
D-ED9015-F**12v DC Blower c/w Quick-Couple canister and 4.6m duct
D-ED9025-F**12v DC Blower c/w Quick-Couple canister and 7.6m duct
**Note: Also requires D-BPV-12CE-F Battery pack to operate
Quick-Couple Reversible Canister

UB20 Battery Pack & Charger

The long life battery pack features high-low control. Pulse width modulation extends the battery up to 10 hours in the low setting, yet gives a full 2.5 hours on high. Can be used with vehicle battery with optional connector. Built-in charger allows you to fully recharge the battery in 12 hours. Purge the area on high for 10 minutes, then switch to low speed (low noise as well) and maintain fresh air for the whole work shift. Ideal for construction job sites to eliminate noisy petrol powered blowers.

  • High-low control enables fast-purge ventilation and lower speed for maintaining safe work space.
  • High impact case includes battery and built in charger for overnight charging.
  • Up to 10 hours of continuous operation.
  • Lightweight and portable.

Ordering Info

Product No Description
D-ED9015-BATCE-F UB20 12v DC blower c/w 4.6m duct, battery pack and charger
D-ED9025-BATCE-F UB20 12v DC blower c/w 7.6m duct, battery pack and charger
UB20 Battery Pack & Charger

UB20 In-Line Heating System

The in-line heating system with its propane-fired heat exchanger provides safe, warm breathing air in cold conditions.

  • For tent/shelter or confined space heating.
  • Remote thermostat included.
  • Up to 10 hours continuous operation with standard propane gas cylinder.
  • Heater attaches quickly and easily to UB20 blower.
  • Output: 70,000 BTUs / 13.5kW.
  • Includes propane regulator and connection assembly.
  • Easy access top-mounted heater control panel.
  • Compatible with UB20 MED system.
  • IP20 rated enclosure.


Part NumberD-HA02-FD-HA02-F
Power110v AC, 50Hz240v AC, 50Hz
Output70k BTU (Gross)
70k BTU (Gross)
Weight (Kg)13.513.5
UB20 In-Line Heating System

Ordering Info

Product NoDescription
D-HA02-F110v AC, 50Hz Heater
D-HA03-F240v AC, 50Hz Heater
Packages comprising Heater, Blower and quick couple canister c/w duct available upon request. Contact CBS products for details.