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Lightweight Capstan Winch

Lightweight Capstan Winch

The C-1035 Lightweight Capstan Winch is designed for use over manholes.

Product Code: C-1035

C-1350 Cable Pusher

The C-1350 Cable Pusher has been designed to assist the laying of electrical cables or cylindrical elements.

Product Code: C-1350

Cable Laying Rollers

 Trench Roller

Trench Roller

Designed for use on soft earth or in trench work. Robust die cast aluminium roller mounted on oil pregnated bearings.

Product Code: D-197

Hoop Roller

Hoop Roller (Aluminium Roller)

A cable roller designed to bridge existing cables. Fitted with oil-impregnated bearings for use in adverse site conditions.

Product Code: D-196

Heavy Duty Cable Roller – Steel Sheave

All Zinc plated heavy duty assembly suitalbe for cables up to 125mm dia.

Product Code: D-196-01-F

“V” Frame Guide Set

Positioned in front of drum to guide cable into trench or duct.

Product Code: D-194

Trench Feed Roller Set

Guides cables into trench, adjustable vertical guide rollers.

Product Code: D-195

Lead Roller

A horizontal roller to protect cable feeding from drum, fitted with end guides.

Product Code: D-439

Manhole Entry Roller

This roller is used to guide draw rope into and out of manhole openings.

Product Code: D-1041-001

Triple Corner Rollers

Used in pairs Triple Corner Rollers are used on bends in open trench work.

Product Code: D-1047-001

Angle Corner Rollers

Purpose designed for taking the heaviest cables round difficult corners and bends.

Product Code: D-437-F

Manhole Quadrant Rolle

Manhole Quadrant Roller

Three cast aluminium rollers mounted in a tubular steel frame, allows cable to gradually turn through 90° into manhole opening. The effective rolling radius is 800mm.

Product Code: D-1048-001

Duct Entry Rollers and Cable Duct Protection

Duct Entry Rollers are designed to allow rope or cable into and out of the duct mouth. They are available for different sizes of duct ranging from 25mm – 100mm.

Product Code: Various

Cable Duct Protection

Cable Duct Protection

Fits into cable duct entries to protect cable sheath from damage.

Product Code: Various