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W1-FMTW-10J Sagging Tractor

A tractor mounted 10 tonne hydraulic winch with variable speeds for both forward and reverse. Automatic load holding, plus rear mounted 4.5 tonne jib complete with load indicator. Based on a Landini (Legend) DT105 Tractor offering full power steering and four wheel drive. Fitted with ROPS and FOPS frame. Rear wheels are replaced with heavy duty rims and solid steel centres.

Front Mounted Winch

The winch is hydraulically driven, with variable speeds and is fully reversible. Failsafe automatic braking is applied to the main hydraulic motor with manual secondary braking operating on the secondary drive shaft to control overrun when pulling rope from the rope drum.
The full 10,000kg pulling capacity is available only from the rear utilising the hydraulic ground anchor.



Rope Capacity:350m x 20mm
500m x 16mm
Rope Speed: 56 m/min (on full drum)
Winch Control: A single joystick lever fitted in the cab for all up/down functions.
Height: 4000mm (with jib raised ready for use)
Length:6880mm (with jib raised ready for use)
Height: 2900mm (with jib lowered for transport)
Length:8550mm (with jib lowered for transport)
Weight: Front Axle 3950kg
Rear Axle 4490kg

W1-FMTW-10J Sagging Tractor

A four roller fair lead is fitted to the front of the winch to permit light front pulls. The rear-mounted jib is used for hoisting and transporting conductor drums. The load-sensing device indicating weight lifted and is linked to an overload alarm.

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