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W1-RMW50 Tractor Winch

A tractor mounted 5 tonne hydraulic winch with variable speed control for both forward and reverse winching. Based on a Landini (Legend) DT105 tractor offering full power steering and four-wheel drive. Fitted with ROPS & FOPS frame. The winch is rear mounted for stability and is complete with hydraulically raised and lowered ground anchor. Winch controls are mounted at the drive position.
Power is supplied to the winch motor from a front mounted load-sensing pump. Fail safe braking is mounted directly in the drive system and operates automatically when the winch control lever is released or in the event of hydraulic or engine failure. Secondary manual braking is available acting directly on the winch to control overspin when paying out rope. Free rope drum facility is available through a manually operated clutch.


Rope Capacity: 270m x 16mm dia
350m x 14mm dia
Rope Speed: 55 mtr/min at max drum diameter
Winch Control: A single joystick lever fitted in the cab for all UP/DOWN functions
Length: 5950mm
Width: 2300mm
Weight: 6060kg

W1-RMW50 Tractor Winch

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W1-RMW-50 Tractor Winch