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W1-TEW25H-01 Tower Erection Winch

The TEW25H-01 winch has been designed to comply with all the relevant safety requirements for lifting loads. Two fully automatic, fail safe braking systems are incorporated into the unit. The first is situated directly in the transmission line and functions every time the winch controls are operated. The second is mounted in direct contact with the rope drum and is controlled by sensing system acting on the main drive chain and the hydraulic oil pressure. In the unlikely event that the chain should fail, or all hydraulic pressure lost, then this second brake would automatically apply and hold the load.

All components used in the manufacture of this winch are designed to offer a 5:1 safety factor based on the safe working load of this winch.


Maximum Load bottom of drum: 2500kg

Rope Speed:
Speed Bare Drum:5.2m/min
Speed Full Drum:12.2m/min

Rope Capacity:
500m x 13mm dia steel
450m x 14mm dia steel
340m x 16mm dia steel
220m x 19mm dia steel

Air-cooled diesel.  Max 13hp at 3000rpm

Single dead-man control for raise/lower. Separate lever for fine speed adjustment.

Variable output pump, positive displacement motor, chain drive to sliding pinion for free drum facility, final drive via ring gear on rope drum.

Primary brakes, spring applied, pressure released. Secondary brakes – disc brake type. Fold down spade anchor. Front and Rear props. Shackle points on frame

Weight:1350kg without rope

**Note: Winch supplied fitted with towing socket for use with 50mm ball as standard. Other systems available on request.

W1-TEW-25H-01 Tower Erection Winch
W1-TEW-25H-01 Tower Erection Winch

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Product NoDescription
W1-TEW25H-01Tower Erection Winch 2.5 ton
(Rope not included)