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W1-TEW50H-01 Tower Erection Winch

A hydraulic winch designed to provide reliable and safe lifting operations for tower and mast erection for the electricity or telecommunications industries. Winching is controlled via a proportional hydraulic valve giving the operator precise control over the load when needed or high speed if necessary. A variable displacement pump automatically regulates flow to prevent engine stall, leaving the operator to concentrate on the winching operation. A secondary 500kg capstan operated via a footswitch is fitted to aid the positioning of load if necessary. Power is supplied by a 4 cylinder water cooled Perkins diesel engine fitted in an acoustic enclosure for reduced noise. Power on demand is also utilised to further reduce noise levels when the winch is not operating.


Maximum Winch Load: 5000kg
Maximum Capstan Load: 500kg
Rope Speed: Maximum: 38m/Min – No load full drum
Minimum: 10m/Min – 5000kg empty drum

Rope Capacity:
300m x 20mm Dia Steel wire rope – consult CBS for different sizes.

Water cooled 4 cylinder quiet Diesel max. 21Kw

Winch – Single dead-man proportional control for raise/lower.
Capstan – High/low speed valve operated via electric footswitch.

Variable displacement pump, positive displacement motor with gearbox mounted directly to winch drum.

Brakes, spring applied, pressure released mounted directly onto drum.

Length: 3313mm
Width: 2044mm
Height: 2200mm
Unladen Weight: 2100kg (without rope)
Gross Weight: 2700kg

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W1-TEW50H-01Tower Erection Winch